BeaverCraft Set of Basswood Carving Blocks 18pcs - BW18
12 blocks: 2,5 cm х 2,5 cm х 10 (1” x 1” x 4”) 6 blocks: 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm (2″ x 2″) There is no single woodworking project that you can create without the fundamental...
BeaverCraft Set of Basswood Carving Blocks 10 pcs - BW10
When choosing tools and supplies for wood carving, you should pay proper attention to the type of wood used to create whittling projects. The complexity of processing the material depends directly on the degree of wood density, which affects the...
BeaverCraft Tools Holder 10 sections TH10
The tool holder mount helps you to store your tools properly, neatly in a compact space. Don’t be messy and keep your tools in order with the tool rack. The details of the tools organizer: Width of the tool storage...
Beavercraft Small Detail Wood Carving Knife C7
This wood carving tool is perfect for fine carving and detail wood carving, whittling, handicrafts, and woodworking. With this knife you can detail the sculpture, netsuke and other woodwork. Carving knife cuts in hollow areas very well. Its cutting edge...
BeaverCraft Paddle Strop for Spoon Knives with P01 Polishing Compound LS5P1
This strop for sharpening spoon knives is multi-functional and aims to keep your blades at peak performance. The strop is a versatile professional hook knives sharpening and honing system. The double-sided strop is divided into 2 parts – leather strop...
BeaverCraft Extended Wood Carving Set S18X
Special edition tools set for any type of wood carving projects. Premium quality BeaverCraft tools with walnut handles in long leather pouch. With this set you will have tools for any kind of carving: whittling, detail carving, chip carving, geometric...
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