Cookizar Vegetable Paring Knife - CK-V
If you want to succeed in cooking, this vegetable knife will become your number one solution. Thanks to the thoughtful shape of the blade, you can precisely control the cut when peeling, chopping, and dicing your veggies and fruits. A...
Cookizar Serbian Cleaver Knife for Cutting - CK-S
The knife has a broad blade that is convenient to use as a spatula to carry chopped and sliced products to a pan. Turning the process of cooking into a pleasant ritual is easy. It is enough to purchase a...
Cookizar Chef’s Knife for Daily Kitchen Tasks CK-C
The comfortable handle made of walnut wood will make the cooking process quick and enjoyable. You can use this knife to perform various tasks in your kitchen. Sharp and handy, this versatile chef knife is suitable for cutting meat and...
Cookizar Small BBQ and Grill Fork - CK-FS
Working with the grill will be easy and enjoyable with this functional BBQ accessory. It makes cooking even more fun. With it, you can easily determine the degree of doneness, lift and turn on the grill and carve into that...
Cookizar Large BBQ and Grill Fork - CK-FB
This large BBQ grill fork makes it easy to lift and place the meat on the grill and quickly turn it over. It is made of durable high-carbon steel and has a convenient design that allows you to simplify the...
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