Hultafors Grinding Stone Axe- 840792- 600/180
With Hultafors Grinding Stone you can easily and securely grind your axe whereever you are. The grinding stone is of good size and designed to give a steady grip, protecting fingers and hands from cutting injuries. The elegant case in genuine...
Hultafors Wetterhall Classic Double-Bit Throwing Axe
This kind of double bit axe was originally used by lumberjacks, who benefitted from the possibility of always having a sharp axe around. While using one edge for rough work, they could be more careful with the other. Today it...
Hultafors Aby Forest Axe 3841770
Hultafors Aby Forest Axe is a beautiful hybrid with many types of use. Aby has a straigther edge and grinding, and a good finger notch below the head for increased precision. The long, thin ergonomic handle minimizes the weight, at the...
Hultafors Yankee Felling Axe 1.5- 8401851
The 1500g Hultafors Agdor Yankee Axe is the small full-size model in the Agdor Yankee Axe range. The head is Hand Forged from special Swedish carbon steel using time tested methods the Hults Bruk forge has been using since 1697....
Hultafors Yankee Felling Axe 1.2- 8401441
The 1200g Hultafors Agdor Yankee Axe is the mid-size model in the *Agdor Yankee Axe range. The head is Hand Forged from special Swedish carbon steel using time tested methods the Hults Bruk forge has been using since 1697. The...
Hultafors Stalberg Carpenter Axe
With its straight handle and long, narrow and straight edge, our carpenter axe provides you with the precision any skilled craftsman demands. The finger notch in the axe head allows a grip where your hand is placed, almost straight above...
Hultafors Qvarfot Felling Axe 841720
This is an axe well suited to assist you in smale scale forestry. The long shaft adds force to the striking action and the axe is also useful for splitting, bucking and processing wood. The axe is hand forged and...
Hultafors Hultan hatchet- 841701
Hultafors classic trekking hatchet is the perfect outdoor companion, wether you are hiking in the wild or just need to work on the camp fire. The hatchet comes in handy for almost any task in the forest, but first and...
Hultafors Fire Steel FS 380280
A long and extra thick fire steel for better function and ergonomics resulting in better efficiency. 100 mm in length and a diameter of 10 mm for a fire steel easy to use in any weather. The sparks generated reach...
Hultafors Ekelund Hunting Axe- 841710
With its ground neck and medium-weight head, our classic hunting is ideal for easier forestry work as well as for skinning game with great precision. This makes it your perfect hunting partner. It is also an ideal gift for any...
Hultafors Curved Hickory Handle YSS 800-63x23mm 3842012
Replacement axe handle for the Hultafors KLY 0.9 or 1.5 SV, or for the HY 10-1.5 SV. The handle is made from American Hickory wood and treated with linseed oil. The handle comes with a manual that tells you how...
Hultafors Bushcraft OK1 380110
A powerful and durable outdoor knife with a larger handle suitable for tough tasks in the field. The hardwearing textile belt loop allows up to 80mm wide belts and is equipped with a pocket for a fire starter. The blade...
Hultafors Agelsjon mini hatchet 841760
This is Hultafors smallest hatchet, suitable for hiking in the mountains or in the woods. The hatchet is flexible and easy to use, and it fits perfectly for diverse tasks near the camp site, such as processing fire wood and...
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