Condor Jungolo Machete CTK3915-13.3
Condor CTK3915-13.3 Jungolo Machete The Condor Jungolo Machete features a 340mm (13.375") 1075 high carbon steel blade. Every edge is hand finished and honed to razor sharpness. The natural finish is a bare metal look that has the appeal of...
Condor Heavy Duty Kukri Knife CTK1813-10HC
The Condor Heavy Duty Kukri Knife is an economy version of the K-TACT Kukri Knife with the same 6mm thick 1075 high carbon steel blade. The knife is named after survival expert Alan Kay, season 1 winner of Alone on...
Combat Ready Cuma Battle Cleaver CBRCBC01
The C.U.M.A. Battle Cleaver is a Waysun "Johnny" Tsai design that makes just about everything else on the market seem a little less manly. The cleaver blade measures over 9" long and 2.25" across with hollow ground bevels on the...
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