Marttiini AAPA Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife
THE CHARACTERISTICS OF TWO STRONG TRADITIONAL KNIVES COMBINED INTO ONE The bold Aapa knife embodies the harsh atmosphere of the Finnish swamp landscape. The model combines the typical characteristics of two strong traditional knives: the blade of a classic Lapp...
Marttiini Lynx 134- S/S 11cm Fixed Blade Knife MA134012
Excellent handling features combined with upmarket fittings make this knife a luxury item. The impressive curly birch handle combined with the superb bronze finger guard make using this knife an absolute pleasure. The beautiful tan leather sheath completes the satisfaction...
Marttiini Kierinki- 11cm carbon steel Fixed Blade Knife MA126010
A tribute to the Finnish knife and to the founder of the Marttiini knife factory. The knife bearing the name of Janne Marttiini’s home village is the nobility of whittling knives. Its blade is forged of carbon steel and in...
Marttiini 127012 Lynx Lumberjack Fixed Blade Knife
A proper general purpose knife, which tops our sales figures year after year!     The blade is made of carbon steel that is perfect for carving and is easy to re-sharpen to its original sharpness. Remember to take proper...
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