Warthog Stone Jig 220MM
This heavy duty steel jig is designed to be used with the Warthog Multi Edge unit and caters for any stone up to 220mm length. There are no side borders, therefore there is no limit on how wide the stone...
Warthog Multi-edge Medium Replacement Diamond Stone- 600 grit
The 650 grit Medium diamond plate is ideal for general sharpening. It is the plate that already comes with the Warthog set and produces very nice and even razor sharp (not polished) edge Brand: Warthog Blade Material: Handle Material:
Warthog Multi-edge Course Replacement Diamond Stone- 325 grit
The 325 grit Coarse diamond plate is ideal for honing badly worn edges to desired bevel angles quickly. This plate a reasonable sharp working edge, but it will not be razor sharp. Therefore, the blade would really need to be...
Warthog Multi Edge 220mm Sharpening Kit WHSME220
The Multi Edge by Warthog Sharpeners from South Africa, is by far the best unit we have come across, but unlike other professional sharpeners, it comes at a great affordable price.  It must be noted that this device is not...
Warthog 220m Leather Strop Replacement WHSME36
Leather with polishing compound. To be used after sharpening for burr removal and polishing for the perfect edge. Brand: Warthog Blade Material: Handle Material: Leather,
Ka-Bar Heavy-Duty Warthog KA1278
The Heavy Duty Warthog is a chunky, robust knife that can be used for many purposes. It's not too pretty but neither is a Warthog, but it sure will do the heavy lifting when it comes to work in the...
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